Our firm

Barkhoff | Reimann | Vossius is an established law firm that combines corporate law, tax consulting, and financial auditing.

Barkhoff | Reimann | Vossius stands out in the market thanks to the many years of experience of our attorneys, tax accountants, and financial auditors. Commitment, motivation, and proximity to the client are integral to how we view our profession, together with superior technical expertise and extensive experience. Most of our clients have known us for over ten years, and place a high value on competence and clear action instructions.

We offer our clients the complete spectrum of corporate law services, supporting your company from establishment to succession or sale.

We manage the design of legal structures, assist and advise in all matters of taxation and commercial law, and protect your company’s knowledge and products. Naturally, we also support our clients in the purchase of companies, and together with the owners prepare the succession arrangements with specifically tailored taxation and corporate law features.

In matters of corporate law, commercial law, the entire field of industrial property rights, and all aspects of taxation law, our attorneys and consultants provide you with many years of experience and competence.