Tax consulting

At the center of our tax consulting work is the conceptual design of our clients’ tax structure—whether they are companies and investors or individuals. The emphasis is on structural clarity, practical implementation, and personal contact when solving specific problems. Consultation with the legal consulting and financial auditing disciplines assures the development of comprehensive and creative action recommendations.

In addition to tax-optimized design consulting and tax planning, we manage the entire range of ongoing tax activities such as preparation of financial accounts and payroll statements, preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns, and attendance at tax audits.

We give special attention to business startup consulting. Professional advice during startup preparation and support during the establishment phase—assistance in preparing the business plan, advice when choosing the appropriate legal form, financing and subsidy consulting, and business coaching—all work together to create the best possible conditions for a solid foundation for success in the market.

Tax support for business partners and individuals represents a major segment of our consulting work. Services range from classic tax return preparation to the topics of personal financial and retirement planning to comprehensive estate planning, tax-optimized succession, and estate tax advice. Working together with the client, we develop all the potential action alternatives, paying special attention to family circumstances and long-range personal plans.

For specialized attention to the many problems specific to the healthcare professions, we founded the company Professor Dr. Chmelik Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH. In addition to providing ongoing services to specialized medical practices, the company develops strategies and specific solutions for establishment, merger, entry of partners, and closure or sale of the practice.